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Building a website can be tricky. Let's build a website that you can be proud of.

Features of a great website

The best websites have the following characteristics


UX UI design

A great website will be valuable to both consumer and client. Consumers get what they need quickly. Clients will get a steady stream of consumers to their site.

Database design

If a website requires a database, the database is simple and easy to maintain.

SEO Services

A great website also needs a great online marketing campaign to draw traffic to a site. Ads on Facebook is just an example.

Web Development

A great website will be build with a clean, well thought through code base. That way, a website is easier to maintain over time.

Services can provide these valuable services to facilitate your website.

Responsive Design

Building a website that can be viewed in multiple viewports. This will give your website a wider reach. Viewers will be able to use your site on a phone as on a desktop.

Web Development

Unlike content management systems that offer prebuilt solutions, I can build a website to your exact specifications. custom solution will help you with your website needs.

WordPress Custom Themes can build WordPress themes if you want a custom solution for your blog or WooCommerce site. All custom WordPress solutions will be responsive and easy to maintain.

Ecommerce solution

From a simple landing page to a complex ecommerce store, can provide you a great solution to reach new customers and generate better revenue for your business.

SEO Marketing will provide a marketing campaign to entice foot traffic to your new site. With a montly fee, I will place adds on social media like Facebook to make your website shine.


For a monthly free, will maintain your site so that your website will always be at your best. I will also provide hosting so your website has a solid footing.

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About Me

The man behind

Thomas BockhornWeb Developer


Building websites are fun and challanging. Websites can also be creative endevors that inspire.

I first got into web development with an invitation by Udacity including a nice Google scholarship for their front-end web development program. After taking a few lessions, I became hooked on all things web development. To further my education, I took and continue to take Udemy courses for both front-end and back-end development. The beauty of both technical and asthetic spheres and how they interacted together fascinated me. Just like architecture, good websites need to consider both form and function.

My other source of inspiration is history and the art of telling stories. I received a Master degree in history. Good historical narratives and websites share how important the central theme is and how essential the human connection is. History and websites can be dry and boring, or can be interesting and compelling. It all depends on the content. I try to make compelling websites that garner viewer's attention.

Let me help you build a website that will keep bringing in vistors, that will provide a compelling narrative, that will be easy for a vistor to use, and that will be clean and asthetically pleasing. Let's build a website that you can be proud of.

-Thomas Bockhorn

Pricing Table

Estimate pricing on some common website projects

Blog site


  • Responsive( Mobile Website)
  • Basic Database Integration
  • Small number of Images
  • VPS web hosting ($250 to $600 per month)
  • SSL Certifiate (varies)
  • Domain Name (varies)



  • Responsive(Mobile Website)
  • basic eCommerce functionality
  • Domain name (varies)
  • VPS web hosting ($250 to $600 per month)
  • Basic Database Integration
  • SSL (varies)

Web Application


  • Responsive(Mobile Website)
  • Advanced eCommerce functionality
  • Domain name (varies)
  • VPS web hosting ($250 to $600 per month)
  • Advanced Database Integration
  • SSL (varies)

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Thank you for your interest! is here to help you with your digital presence. Let's create a website that you can be proud of!.

If you are interested, let's discuss how I can help you build a website that will help you achieve your goals.